How GoWatchIt Can Help

It’s never been more competitive or challenging to connect content and consumers.

Industry Problems

  • Intensifying Competition/High Failure Rates → nearly 400% increase in original series failure rates
  • Spiraling Marketing Costs → P&A spend per $1 box office rev. increased 2.95x since 1980
  • Fragmented Audiences
  • Un-Utilized Customer Data
Consumer Problems

  • A Universe of Content Choices
  • Multiple Devices for Watching Content
  • Multiple Service Providers Offering Content

The entry of technology companies (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) into content production and distribution (which has been a cozy and tradtional industry) is causing fierce and irresistible pressure to innovate.

GoWatchIt connects it all together

GoWatchIt helps consumers find out how to watch the movie and shows they love.

Currently Available on Web, iOS & Android.

Smart TV, Apple TV & ChromeCast Apps Coming Soon

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