GoWatchIt for Distributors

Complete Website, Ticketing and Home Video Platform for Filmed Entertainment Marketers

Our templated website solutions work for any point in the product lifecycle for film and TV shows, from concept to catalog; from individual films to major multi-title distributors. Self-serve as well as full enterprise support packages are available.


  • Sites can be created with your existing key art in minutes, and managed via your client dashboard.
  • Multiple feature options: Add-to-calendar functions, About/Synopsis page, video/image gallery, Press/Awards page, social plugins, maps, upcoming theater list/special screenings page, email capture with ZIP code, and more!
  • Support for integration with third-party websites builders via iframe or bolt-on widgets; can also deploy on multiple platforms, such as marketing partners or Facebook pages.
  • Geo-located showtimes and special screenings with all ticketing options: Fandango, MovieTickets.com, Atom, AMC Theaters, as well as other P.O.S. providers and individual theaters.
  • All home video provider options, including physical, digital and on-demand.
  • Related content modules can also be built and added, such as merchandise, books, apparel, etc.
  • Fully responsive, mobile-optimized design; continuous additions of new functionality

Data Platform and Back-End

  • Back-end platform optimized for marketing, facilitating agency integrations, pixeling, tagging, A/B testing, influencer marketing, direct-to-provider campaign tracking links, etc.
  • Collection and access to all user interactions and conversion data, including actual purchases at the campaign level with consolidated reporting.