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Connecting content and consumers has never been more difficult and more competitive – and those challenges are intensifying. GoWatchIt connects it all together.
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  • Developers
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GoWatchIt for Developers

GoWatchIt offers an enterprise API that delivers home video availability information.

Our backend analytics platform aggregates all transactions and click data, giving you a complete picture of consumer activity.

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gowatchit for publishers

Leading publishers use GoWatchIt to show their readers how to watch the movies and shows they write about. Can be utilized by our API or our easy-to-install widgets.

GoWatchIt in Social Media and Display Advertising

Leading publishers using GoWatchIt widgets and API:


GoWatchIt for Studios/Distributors

Complete Website, Ticketing and Home Video Platform for Filmed Entertainment Marketers

Our templated website solutions work for any point in the product life cycle for film and TV shows, from concept to catalog; from individual films to major multi-title distributors. Our bolt-on widget can be added and customized to your existing website. Self-serve as well as full enterprise support packages are available.

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  • Sites can be created with your existing key art in minutes, and managed via your client dashboard.
  • Multiple feature options: Add-to-calendar functions, About/Synopsis page and more.
  • Support for integration with third-party websites builders via iframe or bolt-on widgets.
  • Geo-located showtimes and special screenings with all ticketing options.
  • All home video provider options, including physical, digital and on-demand.
  • Related content modules can also be built and added, such as merchandise, books, apparel, etc.
  • Fully responsive, mobile-optimized design; continuous additions of new functionality


GoWatchIt helps consumers find out how to watch the movies and shows they love.

GoWatchIt.com is a discovery engine for filmed content (movies and TV shows) that enables prospective viewers to discover all the ways such content can be purchased, rented and otherwise viewed. GoWatchIt’s availability information encompasses geo-located theatrical showtimes, online and on-demand listings from 50+ services, DVD/Blu-ray availabilities and provider-specific/geo-located linear TV information.


Add Your Content

If you have a film, show, video app or are a streaming channel or service, contact us to add your content to Plexus Entertainment so you can be syndicated to GoWatchIt and our media partners.